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I am looking for the title of 'Tennis Lolita', however. I'm looking at and out of court not test. Jelena Dementieva. Blonde, big and soft, Elena is almost the stereotype of blonde beauty. A cheerful behavior on the course, the student has an irresistible, especially when I love bonds of hair in a ponytail. Throws his arms in joy, if it looks and face grimace growth moving to jets when always desirable loses its series of emotions. And in a sexy Yonex tennis dress, giving legs to show that it captures the double meaning of the word love. Dementieva has won several awards. He was already an international champion at age 13. 00. his victories were non-stop at home, never fall below the first four of Russian professional tennis player. His colleagues are fields, as they are also known to Anastasia Myskina and Anna Kournikova on the world stage, tennis courts. His victory record of career loss is strong 179-107, with a Grand Slam record to 36-19. Meeting place of Elena in the year 2000 in a strong piece in the series gradually more tournaments. However, he had to beat the always powerful women such as Martina Hingis, Lindsay Davenport and the Williams sisters. It has the unique title of money only for Russian Olympic tennis. Elena is between sizes of contemporary women map tennis Russia attract help. The glory is greater than in other countries, unlike his former partner Anna Kournikova the Russia. Although often compared to his career and Elena now a good mine distinguish Kournikova still win: Elena has a title. In fact, it has two. on October 15, 1981, Elena Dementievas was born in Moscow, surrounded by the top in tennis with the largest in Russia. His parents, Vyacheslav, of electrical engineering and Vera, engineer master, played recreational tennis for two. His love for the game was 7 years old and his brother in the biggest sport in clubs of Moscow dear Elena, sign. But the competition for jobs has been brutal. Dynamo and the central Club of the Red Army refused, citing minor defects in its movement. Finally, the Club registered with the famous Spartak, where she was trained by Rauza Islanova, a tennis player Marat Safin and mother Russian bruisers. Three years of elena under Islanova was difficult, but the memory of his former coach. It was the resistance, hardy wrought Elena of sportsmanship. The desire to fight to the end was inherited from him, because it was difficult and said that rigorous sport discipline to keep Dementieva. great beginnings has played and won its first international tournament, the small, as in elena p model France, at the age of 13. National tournaments at home, was usually the winner, or at least a second. Helena has always been among the best four players in his country with Anastasia Myskina, Anna Kournikova and Ekaterina Sysoeva. Under the banner of Sergei Pashkov in the army Club red central (which was as it is now), grew up in Helena as a player. Here its technology radically and learned how to dominate the courts to develop their crushing two-handed backhand. on August 25, 1998, it was professional. His rise to success served as a sport was electrifying. Rank # 182 in 1998 amounted to 62 in 1999 and # 12 in the 2000 coup. The same year, represented the Russia in the Olympic Games in the cords of his countrymen during the opening ceremony at Sydney (Australia). It sank in the semifinal with a strong piece, where its only drawback was a set against Jelena Dokic. Elena bounced back to beat Benneteau 6-2, 6-4, 6-4. But it wasn't enough for Venus Williams in the final of the Dementievas ability and zeal. Elena finally returned with the silver medal. The same year, which was named the best player who has been recognized in the WTA Sanex, which awards only 19 made the semifinals in Indian Wells, the US open and the Chase Championships, where they defeated # 1 Lindsay Davenport in the first round. difficult times, but in 2001 was a difficult year. It reached # 8, began to fall in the rankings due to injury in the foot and loss of aggressiveness that defines his game. But even so, also sang in his Grand Slam games demonstrate that it has the advantage would be defined. In fact, moved in, the best players of the Russia was in Miami, by Lindsay Davenport in the semifinals with a damaged ankle. His zeal brought the Russian star the following year. Strong all balance hold 39-27 and some better singing career at Wimbledon and the open de France - reached the fourth round at both. a glorious return, but all that was merely tours for 2003. He started the side dangerous, losing to Australia and the open Indian Wells in three games. But has been modified Championships in the things of Amelia Island, Florida in April for Bausch Lomb &. His old enemy, Lindsay Davenport dominated the first round of the last game and led in the second example. But Elena had beaten moral and won a game that lasted five 2 is 5-4 in the second set. Davenport was unable to continue. Elena won her first WTA title. It was a poor performance at Roland Garros and Wimbledon, where she lost to Serena Williams and New Haven, where Davenport has even taken down. But in September 2003 in Bali, Elena Chandra Rubin in the final third class as its 6:2, 6: 1 Elena got his second prize in the WTA rankings, collect your ranking # 8. Left is not in the middle ages, father of jeans wear and go to the bar are wrong. Bulletin AskMen is there to help. .